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Letters extra: Who is to blame for pupils' abuse of teachers?

I tuned into Radio 5 Live report on the teachers' lot in schools - `Terrorised Teachers'. The programme made me wonder what kind of society lets young people treat other human beings so badly.

One story reportednbsp;hownbsp;a teacher closed the door onnbsp;an abusive pupilnbsp;only for him to bang the door into her back causing her to fall on the floor. Another female teacher was threatened with rape - she has not worked since.

Some schools temporarily exclude difficult pupils when Ofted comes so that they do not spoil the image of the school.

Who is to blame? Could it be the parents, who never set the boundaries? Or perhaps head teachers, because they do not have the courage to do anything or are under pressure from the LEA to keep these youths in their schools? Or maybe the LEA's for sweeping such inhumane disorder under the carpet as there is nowhere else for offenders to go?

Someone in the Education Department knows what is going on and chooses to ignore it. To those subjected to this behaviour, life is intolerable.

I am a lucky teacher who does not encounter the problems. Nor would I work in such an institution, even for Beckham's wages.

Nick Holman
West Sussex

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