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Letters Extra: You might not need Maths

Just a brief response to the article in the TES Teacher 9 Januarynbsp;titled AAS-level reforms mean more students will do more maths by Charlie Stripp.

Whilst concurring with most of the article, I feel it would be helpful to clarify that many degree programmes have adapted to the current situation of fewer students with A-level mathematics, let alone Further Mathematics, and that for computing degrees in particular, there are a wide range of courses catering for the whole range of mathematics qualifications.

As an example, my own University currently offers degrees in computing that require no formal mathematics beyond GCSE grade C, up to degrees that require A-level mathematics (but still with no requirement for Further Mathematics).

Teachers giving advice to students on selecting A-levels and degree courses should be aware of this, and I recommend that students who are unsure what they want to do in terms of ASA-level studies as a preparation for a degree should contact a suitable University department for specific advice.

I personally hope that Charlie is correct, and that the changes in AASlevel mathematics will help to address the current situation, which appears damaging to the future scientific development of the entire country.
Dr Neil Gordon nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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