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Letters: Sir Ian Hall's educational theory in question

Original paper headline: Future Leaders bus backfires

So Sir Ian Hall of Future Leaders says: "Get the right people on the bus, get them in the right seats and very quickly get the wrong people off the bus" (July 24).

What a good example of educational theory in action. "Get rid of those who don't fit", eh? Can I apply it to citizenship lessons with 9W? I can't, can I? Because it's my fault they are not "accessing the curriculum".

If Sir Ian can't come up with strategies to motivate leaders and hasn't differentiated the course so that no one falls below their potential and doesn't include every learner, with every type of issue, on his course, then he is contradicting everything that we have had to put up with, proving we were right when we said some pupils do not fit the one-size- fits-all system that we have.

  • Gillian Wilmott, Solihull.

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