Letters that spell money for some

LEYTON Sixth-form College has cleared up some initial confusion after an advert which might have seen it mistaken for a new superquango, writes Harvey McGavin.

The east London college calls itself LSC in its logo, but there the similarity with the new Learning and Skills Council ends. While the other LSC will have pound;6 billion to educate and train some six million people, Leyton, with 1,450 full-time tudents and around 500 part-timers, has to make do with just over pound;4 million.

A spokesman for the college said they would be sticking to their logo when the council comes into being next April. "We will be using the college's full name in our publicity so there is no confusion." But, he added, a mix up at the Treasury wouldn't go amiss: "I'm sure we could do a lot with a budget that size."

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