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A-level chestnut gets reroasted

If the subject of A-levels getting easier makes you yawn, spare a thought for delegates at a conference in Berkshire on Tuesday and Wednesday who were asked to mull over this tired old subject.

The latest contribution to the debate was from Dr Robert Cole, who is known by the title of "director of monitoring projects for schools and colleges curriculum".

His research shows that a students getting an F grade 20 years ago in A-level maths would get a C now.

It's good see some evidence to back the argument and we should all thank Dr Cole.

But where do we go from here? One argument, of course, is that A-levels should be ditched if they don't challenge the mind sufficiently.

Of course, the pass rate for A-levels is lower than for degrees so, presumably, degrees are easier than the very easy A-levels which undergraduates already have. Do we need another conference?

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