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A-level results day: The 10 best pop puns to cheer you up

A-level results day looms tomorrow. The stress levels for teachers, heads and pupils rocket. What to do to alleviate this tension? How about a nice little online competition to find the best A-level results day pop pun?

Using the Twitter machine, this is exactly what the TES organised this morning. And it clearly hit a nerve, with hundreds of teachers and educationists wading in. We even succeeded in bringing education policy wonks of all colours together in this celebration of edu-punnery.

Picking a top ten was not easy – let alone an outright winner.

So here we go, in reverse order:

10. @stuartrgdyer Seven Cs of Rhye by Queen

9. @Samfr Straight As by the Dead Kennedys?

8. @El_Timbre A-ha: Retake on me

7. @PEJocks Sonny & Cher "I got U babe"

6. @Adrian_Hilton


Young man, young man I was once in your shoes

Young man I said, I was down and out with the blues

5. @pxeducation Dire Straits – "Resits for nothing, and you'll all get C"

4. @alexbigham Madonna – Borderline

3. @icecolbeveridge Van Halen: Jump! For the local paper. #resultsday

But we couldn’t decide an out-and-out winner, so…

=1. @TimelordsWife: I got 99 problems and August 14th is at the root of them all

=1. @adamcreen S Club 7 - Reach For A-Star

Well done to everyone who made it on to the final list. The lucky winners win… a highly sought-after TES mug! 


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