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LGBT people must be visible in schools

Thank you for your informative article raising the profile of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in schools ("Are schools still turning a blind eye to homophobia", TES Magazine, 11 February). While it was generally accurate, it contained one error that must be addressed.

It stated that Stonewall had recommended that LGBT people be visible and LGBT issues taught throughout the curriculum, and then said Stonewall's LGBT lesson plans had been criticised in sections of the media.

In fact, it is Schools OUT that has always recommended LGBT people be visible and is producing the Schools OUT Classroom - a bank of lesson plans raising the profile of LGBT people in every subject, at every key stage.

Schools OUT works very hard to challenge homophobia and transphobia and launched LGBT History Month, which is held every February with the aim of raising the profile and unearthing the history of LGBT people throughout the UK.

Tony Fenwick, Teacher and co-chair of Schools OUT and LGBT History Month; Equalities officer, NUT Luton division.

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