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Librarians should be cool

As a school librarian since 1978 I read with bemusement and dismay discussions of methods to teach reading. Please do not teach all children by one method: we all learn in different ways. Use a variety of methods.

But more importantly we should surround children with books and teach them to love reading. How are we going to achieve this in a culture among some adults and children that reading is not cool? How often do you see a positive image of a librarian?

We must persuade all political parties, local authorities and schools to spend money on books, libraries and the employment of professional librarians in all schools. We also need to train teachers to use quality fiction and non-fiction in schools, not just set texts. We should persuade parents buying a new PC to buy 100 books for the home, too.

Reading for enjoyment and using the skills and expertise of chartered school librarians and English teachers has to be top of the agenda for all political parties this year if we are to create a skilled and fulfilled nation.

Helen Pallett Ashleigh,Lowdham Road Gunthorpe Nottingham

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