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Licence to an idyll

As well as getting through induction this year, I hope you're considering your career options. Climbing up the school management pole doesn't appeal to everybody, but once you've got your licence to teach, you are qualified to work in all sorts of interesting education-related fields.

Teaching in an art gallery or museum has always been my fantasy job. You get to work in a stimulating environment, and every lesson is special for the students, yet you don't have to plan something new every day. Idyllic.

Find out what museum jobs involve, how to find the vacancies and what skills you're likely to need in our career slot on page 6.

I'm delighted so many of you are taking up our special offers on the back page, and sending in your "true confessions" (page 4). If you'd like to feature as any of our case studies, email me.

Have a good month.

Fiona Flynn: editor

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