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Life chances for the young

Much of the local government election campaign has been heavy on politics but lighter on policies. That is why YouthLink Scotland is calling on all candidates, from all parties, to commit to helping improve the life chances of Scotland's young people.

By committing to the following pledges, candidates can ensure youth workers across Scotland will continue to be supported in making a positive impact on the lives of young people and their communities:

Pledge to ensure no young person is left behind in any local authority area - we cannot afford another lost generation. Youth work helps to develop the personal and professional skills vital for key transitions young people face in life.

Pledge to improve equality of access to youth work services - young people's experiences and opportunities currently vary depending on their location.

Pledge to improve sustained, permanent funding for youth work services and work with the voluntary sector - to help strengthen local provision.

Pledge to improve recognition of the positive and preventative impact of youth work.

Youth work in Scotland engages with more than 300,000 young people, helping to develop key skills and a sense of community cohesion. For many, it represents the ultimate form of preventative spending.

Jim Sweeney, chief executive, YouthLink Scotland.

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