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Life coach: don't just do something

If you were always taught "Don't just stand there, do something", it may be time to learn how to do the opposite: "Don't do something, just stand (or sit) there". This is difficult for perfectionists, or those who feel that no matter how much they do, it's never enough.

* Before you start a task, be specific about what you want to accomplish; when you have done it, stop.

* When deciding if something you've done is good enough, consider how someone else would assess it, or how you'd assess it if it had been done by someone else. Perfectionists always set higher standards for themselves.

* Set yourself goals outside school . When you have specific outcomes for activities that will suffer if you focus only on work, it's likely you'll bring balance to your life.

Workaholics or perfectionists may work longer than others, but when they learn to relax, not only are they happier, they become more effective.

Jurgen Wolff is a hypnotherapist, teacher and writer. His free monthly creativity email bulletin is available from

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