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Life experience fills the gap

I agree with Jennifer Salt that all trainee-teachers need rewards for their dedication. But as a postgraduate certificate in education student at St Martin's College, Lancaster I would argue that we have a broad knowledge to draw on as many of us have worked in different professions as well as education-related jobs.

It is important to ensure that the curriculum is being delivered so that children understand the everyday relevance of what they are learning and this may be easier to do if you have "life experiences" to comment on.

You still have to be very dedicated to teaching to earn only pound;6,000 for a year. There are some that would do it for the money but the vast majority have to make life-changing decisions to follow a teaching career.

There is no way I could have done it without the financial assistance and the work I have had to put in to get on the course has made me more dedicated.

It would not be fair to rule out potential great teachers just because they did not know it was what they wanted to do when they were 17.

Kendra Deacon

25A Chapman Road

Preston, Lancashire

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