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Light fantastic

Year 6 form teacher Jane Halliwell

The day was a huge success. I have never been to the museum before and I wasn't sure what the students would think. In fact, they loved it and enjoyed showing their knowledge of the subjects they have covered, such as the Ancient Egyptians. It's really a magical place and one that seemed to be endlessly opening up.

I was also impressed by the questions the students kept coming up with. The accounts in their diaries were full of their enthusiasm. The trip even went down well with the boys, who are normally too cool to show lots of interest. Several said it was the best trip they had been on.

If I have one reservation, it concerned the practical exercises, which repeated much of what we had done in school, but they were useful for revision and next time I will try to bring my class earlier on in the year, so the work is new to them.

One thing that clearly intrigued a lot of the pupils was what lurked under the fig leaf of a large sculpture of Apollo, leading them to display an interesting combination of prudishness and fascination.

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