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Lincoln - Now where did we put that time capsule?

Plans to dig up a time capsule at a Lincoln school have had to be postponed because no one knows where it was buried.

Pupils at Ling Moor Primary School in North Hykeham were hoping to find photographs, newspaper articles and mementoes from when the school was built in 1969. They wanted to add their own artwork and videos to the capsule, showing what school life is like today. But records of where it was buried have been lost.

Charlotte Hickerton, acting head, said: "We know that it exists anecdotally from different people. Some have said it was next to the bird boxes but we don't have bird boxes any more. All the geographical points have been removed.

"The children are fascinated with the idea that there is something under the ground that was put down there a long time ago, long before they were even born." ws.

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