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Teaching Resource for Global Learning in School Partnership has been written by Link Community Development and its partner organisation Janeemo.

Link works with schools and communities in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda, as well as the UK, Ireland and the US, to build support for development and raise awareness of development issues in these countries.

Janeemo is a tree-planting organisation that works in Malawi, promoting the use of oil-based trees to provide people with food, fuel, medicine and income by setting up businesses and co-operatives.

There are six resources in the series: Environment; Health; Education; Global Poverty; Gender and Global Partnership, all based on the Millennium Development Goal themes, which are an internationally agreed set of goals for human development.

The environment resource contains lesson plans on:

- exploring - describing my environment;

- understanding - the greenhouse effect and climate change;

- investigating - the consequences of climate change;

- sharing - comparing carbon and ecological footprints;

- engaging - what can we do about climate change;

- reflecting - what have we learnt and how.

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