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CONQUER DYSLEXIA WITHOUT LOSING THE GIFT. By Felicity Craig. One-to-One Publications. pound;12.95

This book is an account of Felicity Craig's journey from considering how her own daughters learned to speak and read to a thorough and comprehensive programme for helping children with reading and spelling difficulties.

Craig was inspired and enlightened by a wide spectrum of writers, including the philosopher Suzanne Langer and Glenn Doman's Teach Your Baby to Read.

From these and others, and from the struggling children she sought to help, Craig constructed a theory about the nature of dyslexia and a collection of strategies to help children to deal with it.

She is convinced that correct early intervention can give dyslexic children the ability to read and write without forfeiting their gift for thinking in a three-dimensional way.

Conquer Dyslexia is a good read and an interesting tour of theories about the condition. It brings together diverse techniques, including the use of coloured overlays, exercises to improve the integration of the two sides of the brain, and a systematic way of teaching sound blending and spelling.

There are also suggestions for ways round the difficulty of memorising sequences, such as multiplication tables and the alphabet. It would be a useful addition to a school's learning support library, where it will inspire Sencos, learning support assistants and parents.

Scilla Page

Advisory teacher, West Sussex learning support team

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