Literacy net

While we will need to wait for an evaluation of the Government's summer literacy scheme, we welcome the fact that private industry is showing its support by offering resources ("Blair seeks business cash to aid literacy", TES, August 29).

If the programme leads to the improvement suggested by first reports, we feel that a similar scheme for numeracy should be available. It may be that the literacy scheme would be better targeted at students entering key stage 2 and those students having problems with numeracy should be offered support before they enter key stage 3.

Perhaps a pilot could be funded during the next summer break. We would welcome action on this by both government and industry and would be delighted to co-operate in such a pilot. We feel that such programmes will lead to improvements in motivation and learning for these students, which will carry over into other subjects. The provision of a safety net for those who for one reason or another have fallen behind can only be beneficial.

ANNIE GAMMON (Secretary) ANN KITCHEN (Chair) Association of Teachers of Mathematics 7 Shaftesbury Street Derby

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