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Literal proof of lower standards

Once again, the booming and indignant voice of British industry is complaining about the low standards of literacy and numeracy in the general population.

The Tomlinson inquiry has led to much harrumphing in the shires - well, mainly the shires - about spotty, uneducated lumpen teenagers and their inability to string a sentence together.

"Business leaders say there is widespread company concern about the number of young people who leave school unable to read or write properly," says a press release from the Confederation of British Industry.

The missive goes on to quote John Cridland, CBI deputy director-general and alumnus of Christ's college, Cambridge, as saying: "There have been improvements since 1997, but it's no secret that the school system still fails too many young people.

"That is why the CBI has lead (sic) the campaign to ensure fewer youngsters face exclusion from the world of work." Whoops!

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