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DEVELOPING NUMERACY SKILLS: reception (Primary 1). By Sue Atkinson. Hopscotch pound;14.99.Tel: 01926 744227.

This is a slim gem of a book among many "numeracy"-tagged mediocrities being churned out. It provides 28 quality lessons arranged in related pairs under 14 headings. These cover the range of mathematics reception children are expected to learn - counting to 10, ordering and comparing, counting and estimating, addition, subtraction, and so on.

Lessons are clearly laid out, succinct and easy to read, and there is a surprising amount of information in little more than a page on each lesson. Reflecting the Numeracy Framework format, each lesson starts with oral or mental maths, followed by a "starting point" session that leads into the group activities, all rounded off with a plenary session. Activities for the three ability groups are providedplus an activity for a teacher focus group.

To keep preparation time to a minimum, the group activities for one of each pair of lessons centre around three attractive photocopiable activity sheets. There are also suggestions for further activities, extension and support. As the daily numeracy session cranks into gear, this is just what reception teachers will be looking for.

Paul Harrison is a former primary head who writes primary maths books

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