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Liverpool - Lack of good schools deter high-flyers

Liverpool is failing to attract high-flying talent to the city because they cannot get their children into good schools, according to a university vice-chancellor.

Liverpool Hope University had searched the globe for the right lecturer to fill its head of theology post, only to see its candidate pull out due to a lack of decent schools. A handful of schools in the south of the city could be filled four times over, but many more do not operate at full capacity.

Professor Bill Chambers, Hope's pro-vice-chancellor, told the Liverpool Daily Post he feared the situation could deter the best candidates coming to the city.

"For the past 20 to 30 years, we have worked hard to make Liverpool a destination where people want to work and live. Part of the offer is the culture, but another is good schools," he said.

"When you are able to recruit the best people but they can't get their children into a good school, it's clear you are queering the pitch.

"The answer is to have more schools matching parents' expectations, but for these individuals they only have one generation and one chance, and it takes time for schools to turn themselves around." rv.

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