A living saint

News that the new primary school replacing Castlemilk's Windlaw and Tormusk primaries is to be named Miller Primary, in honour of the Rev John Miller, the long-serving minister of Castlemilk East Church, appears to have gone down well in The Mulk with locals of all persuasions.

Miller, a former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, has been a well-kent local figure and school chaplain on his bike for the past 35 years, while his wife, May, founded the renowned Jeely Piece Club, which almost invented after-school care 25 years ago.

The reverend has expressed his ecumenical delight that he is to take over from a saint - or, as a local community activist put it: "St Dominic's been replaced by a real saint and wan that's no deid yet either." Amen to that.

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