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Locked up

INVITATIONS to book launches usually offer a chance to nibble canapes and drink free plonk, while hobnobbing with authors, B-list celebs and new Labour glitterati.

However, a recent invite to the launch of Prison Education Diaries at the swanky Coopers Lybrand gallery had even more exciting potential.

A collection of prisoners' musings about their experiences of prison education - perhaps we would listen to insightful readings from prisoners on the life-changing power of education? Or maybe it would be a chance to discuss our liberal values on penal reform among the very people who knew best?

"Are there any contributors here?" the man from Coopers Lybrand was asked. "Good God no, they might steal the furniture," he murmured as he prepared to stuff another canape into his mouth.

Susan Young Cuts to prison education pose threat, page 34

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