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Locococo board game that teaches players about the real world

More informative than Trivial Pursuit and more mentally stimulating than Monopoly, Locococo is a beautifully produced board game that teaches players about the real world. Developed by young people in Spain, Guatemala, the western Sahara and London, it requires teams to explore issues of human rights, international ethics and economic development. They face the challenges of crop failure and landmines, but gain encouragement from debt cancellationand good harvests as they strive to exchange cocoa beans for fair-trade chocolate and end up with a full set of basic needs.

Locococo plus supporting materials costs pound;18 (inc p+p) in English or Spanish (pound;30 if you buy one copy in each language) from Humanities Education Centre, English Street, London E3 4TA. Cheques payable to Humanities Education Centre. Tel: 0207 364 6405. Fax: 0207 364 6422Email:

Tom Deveson

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