London Welsh

The call by Professor Gareth Elewyn Jones for a more independent education system for Wales ("Still dancing to London's tune", TES, January 24) only makes sense if it achieves a better quality of education in Wales.

After a change of government, and using the full powers of the Welsh Office, I would suggest 10 ways in which we can test the validity of Professor Jones's case by the end of the next parliament: 1. Shift school development from teaching, curriculum and assessment to helping young people to become more effective learners.

2. Rebuild HMI Wales and make this its priority.

3. Create a national advisory service: make advisers teach.

4. Foster real co-operation between schools: no more competitions, no more lies.

5. No more "London tunes" designed on the back of envelopes: a curriculum for Wales instead.

6. Persuade parents that poor buildings are an insult to children.

7. Make secondary schools take primary education seriously.

8. Value children's experience in school.

9. Educate MPs about education.

10. Stop bullying teachers: cherish them.

PAUL JEREMY 16 Marionville Gardens Llandaff Cardiff

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