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Your job and career questions answered

I am halfway through my NQT year and am planning to apply for a new job at another school starting in September. Should I tell my current school before applying? Will this make things difficult for me in my job? If I am unsuccessful, am I likely to be in for a tough time? Can they sack me at the end of the year to employ someone who is "more committed"?

Looking for a new job is not a sackable offence, but it might give any school pause for thought before renewing a fixed-term contract. Many teachers change jobs after their first year; but be able to explain why to your present school and to the schools where you are applying. Recruiting can be an expensive business in terms of time and money. If the reason you want to move isn't associated with something such as a personality clash with your line manager, then telling the school you are looking for another post seems sensible. You may need to quote your present school as a reference, so the head will find out anyway.

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