Looking for help with impairments

In order to try to improve the future for generations of young people with a speech, language or communications disorder, our charity is asking TES Scotland readers for help with a survey.

Currently more than 1.2 million young people have this impairment - that's enough for two in every classroom across the UK - but parents face a postcode lottery when seeking help for themselves and their children. We want to change that.

No one knows the full picture - not even Government. That's why we are asking all parents of children with speech, language and communications disorders to tell us their experiences by logging on to our confidential survey on www.afasic.org.uk

We know from calls to our helpline the despair caused when parents don't know what's wrong with their child and don't know where to seek help. Even worse, some are made to feel their child's disorder is their fault because they're bad parents.

We say that can't be right. We say we need minimum standards to ensure help for children and parents now and into the future. To make that happen we need information on what's happening in each region.

Linda Lascelles

Chief executive, AFASIC

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