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Lording it at the dance

Difficulties with boys drove Mike Keveth to whisk away his Year 8 pack leaders under false pretences (page 5). Only when it was too late did he tell them they had to devise a dance routine around their life goals.

Result: some very motivated trendsetters went back to school, strutted their stuff and made motivation cool among other boys, in the process closing what had been a huge gap between boys' and girls' key stage 3 results.

Boys, as we know, are a nuisance because they are not like girls. They do not grow up wanting to please and just knowing that working hard equals success. They are pack animals and hero-worshippers.

Teachers who recognise that simple fact (do you suppose Mike Keveth learned it on a leadership course or an inset day?) will do more to close the gender gap than Eddie Izzard on a bling-bling spree.

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