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Lost chord

What an unfortunately and uncharacteristically confusing article by Gerald Haigh (TES, May 24). Primary-class teachers will probably be even more befuddled than ever if they bothered to read this. I hope they didn't. The graphics were incorrect and misleading and presented without any musical context.

Key stage 2 pupils can and should begin to read conventional notation when they begin to learn an instrument and can use and understand the notation. I further agree that there is a great deal of music teaching that KS2 teachers can become happily engaged with without worrying about notation.

Fortunately there are a number of well-written publications around that will not only support them with creative and productive ideas but carefully introduce teachers and pupils to notation should they wish to become involved in that. Large colourful illustrations will not.

LEONORA DAVIES Inspector for music and music services London Borough of Haringey

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