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Love Thrope, hate her take on exam boards

I usually love Ms Anne Thrope's columns but I have to protest at the way she portrayed the exam boards as "rubbing their hands in glee" ("Making me a liar", Comment, 23 November) at the number of entries for GCSE English in November and next year following the Ofqual fiasco. I have worked for one of the main exam boards for eight years and at a meeting two weeks ago I saw nothing but disappointment at the current situation. Not only have they had to administer a resit but they have to divert time, resources and staff to putting together a "bid" to run the English exams for the English Baccalaureate. If Ms Thrope really thinks that nobody at the boards cares about Bradley and his salt-and-vinegar essays then she is wrong. We all care, passionately.

Lyn Lockwood, English teacher and senior assessor, Sheffield.

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