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Lower income must not mean lesser hopes

Dale Bassett is absolutely right (Letters, 24 June): not only will the EBac not disadvantage working-class children, it will improve their chances of being taught a broad, challenging and appropriate curriculum, as is their right.

Until recently, I was headteacher of an inner-London secondary that entered all its pupils - across the full range of ability and social spectrum - for 11 GCSEs, including all the EBac subjects.

The EBac should only be part of a much wider curriculum available to pupils; it should not be used as an excuse for not teaching other subjects, or for offering pupils an impoverished curriculum.

It is deeply offensive and patronising to suggest that because children come from working-class families they should settle for less. Many of these children have been short-changed for too long and deserve better.

John McIntosh, Former headteacher, London.

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