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Loyalty remains unrewarded

DOES performance-related pay actually relate to an individual's effort, commitment and achievement?

A letter I received from the Department for Education and Skills in January, states that performance management is based on a dialogue about aims and achievements.

Individual teachers should agree objectives to be achieved. These will then be taken into account in the annual review of progress and achievement. The logical expectation is that the achievement of the agreed targets will lead to a pay award.

However, we are told that meeting objectives does not automatically qualify the individual for performance pay and not meeting objectives does not automatically disqualify you. These are confusing messages.

In my case the governors agreed that I had met the targets. However, I would not receive any pay award because the school had no money. I was then set new targets, which I have been told to achieve before I retire at the end of this academic year.

How can the Government or the governors expect loyalty, effort or motivation when there is no incentive? Can anybody help?

Michael G A Parry

4 Altyre Close

Beckenham, Kent

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