Lucky are those earning pound;11,800

Tes Editorial

Everything is relative, isn't it? Helen Perkins' looming pay cut and feelings of disillusionment and demotivation (TES, August 17) could so easily have been avoided, if only she worked for a different local authority.

I work in a comparable role and my salary has long been calculated on the basis of a 37-hour week. So, what's all this about "new" national terms and conditions which "introduce" a 37-hour week? Also, no support staff or teaching assistants I know are employed for more than 27-and-a-half hours a week. Such terms give Helen Perkins a maximum salary of pound;9,900 instead of the pound;11,800 you say she will earn. No sympathy here, then! All the classroom assistants I know would be leaping about at the prospect of their salaries rising by almost pound;2,000 a year ... any more vacancies in Solihull?

A J H Warburton 5 Hall Croft Netherton, Wakefield

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Tes Editorial

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