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Lunny tunes at the panto

It's good to see that North Lanarkshire's education committee can still produce the comic goods, especially during the panto season.

When the committee last met towards the end of last year to approve the council's public private partnership proposals - which included the vexed issue of Catholic and non-denominational primary schools sharing a campus - Frank Lunny, the Catholic representative, indicated that the views of Motherwell diocese did not necessarily comply with the brethren of neighbouring Glasgow.

Education convener Charlie Gray, no stranger to the inside of a chapel, feigned surprise: "I thought that the Church was known for its universality." Boom, boom.

More, and better, was to come. Dick Lyle, Scottish National Party group leader, indicated that his party would not be objecting to any individual proposals, then censured the Labour-controlled council for neglecting its schools over a number of years.

Lyle proceeded to warn them against being overly triumphant during the impending Christmas season. "Remember that it was at Christmas that the good Lord was crucified." Here's a man who could clearly benefit from sharing a campus with a denominational school.

Not content with rewriting the New Testament, Lyle then risked legal action by referring to Lunny, a retired sheriff, as "Sheriff Loony" at the full council meeting which approved the proposals.

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