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Luscious fruit

Mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, honey, cucumber, kiwi-fruit, glycerine, citrus... Ingredients for a memorable science lesson - Lush-style.

Lush produce hand-made soaps, shampoos and cosmetics using all-natural ingredients. Last term, Shona Macdonald, manager of Lush's Brighton shop, visited Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove to give some of the Year 7 intake an insight into the manufacturing procedure.

First, how to produce a face mask by blitzing a selection of ingredients in a blender, before the audience divides into groups to create their own formulae.

Assisted by Year 10 and sixth-form students, the lads' Rat Poison (a delicate blend of oranges, honey, strawberries, pineapple, oatmeal, grapes and glycerine) may not have been destined for fame, although it did smell pretty good. The girls' Strawberry Delight (for sensitive skin) was somehow more appealing.

"These sorts of activities give them an insight into planning, observing and doing some analysis - the key skills they are going to need all the way through secondary school," said head of science Brian Marsh.

The proof of the pudding being in the wearing, there was no shortage of volunteers - especially boys - to try the end products. Lads with pink face-packs: it may catch on. As one sixth-former put it: "A chance to be creative and original. That's what science is all about!"

More information from Lush Customer ServiceTel: 01202 667830

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