Lyrical literacy

Children have so many targets to learn and meet now. Recently I discovered an exciting way of helping my Year 4 class become more aware of their school numeracy and literacy targets.

By taking popular songs and substituting the lyrics with ones about their targets, the class are now all familiar with what is required of them. Our numeracy targets are sung to the "Crazy Frog Song" by the band Crazy Frog, making division a cool thing to do. Literacy is livened up by singing about grammar and punctuation to "Toxic" by Britney Spears.

We usually sing our target songs at the end of lessons while we are tidying away. Here are the lyrics to the numeracy song, "What's our numeracy target?": What's our numeracy target?

It is to do division, Let's divide!

But, this operation Can cause such frustration, So our tables need revision, Let's revise - 2s and 4s and 3s.

Take some tips Learning all of these Makes it pips.

Take 6 shared by 2 What could it be?

What times 2 is 6?

The answer is 3.

(Repeat chorus.) Vanessa Thomas

Year 4 teacher, Moulsham Junior School, Essex.

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