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A mad, mad world

SOME folk at Bearsden Academy have taken to saluting Gordon Milloy in the corridor, albeit somewhat ironically.

Mr Milloy, principal teacher of maths, is the only one of 29 promoted staff to enjoy a pay hike after the contentious PricewaterhouseCoopers job-sizing exercise.

It has left senior staff baffled, embarrassed and disappointed, as a TES Scotland spot survey reveals this week.

Mr Milloy's salary has gone from pound;37,782 to pound;39,099, a rise of 3.5 per cent. But the head of English, who runs the largest department , has had no August bonus.

Headteacher Mike Doig, who happens to be president of the Headteachers'

Association of Scotland, says: "The whole thing has gone down like a lead balloon."

The East Dunbartonshire secondary is one illustration of the amazement around the country at the outcome of the shake-up.

Two principal teachers of guidance and chemistry have been sized at different levels, although apparently doing identical jobs.

Job-sizing portrait, ScotlandPlus 2-3

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