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Magnetic attraction

Magnetic Unifix is a simple but effective resource. There are 100 sturdy magnetic tiles (5cm x 5cm), with 10 specimens of each of 10 colours. They can be used on whiteboards (or fridge doors) to provide a visual parallel to many ideas in number work and the handling and recording of data. They tessellate comfortably and can be written on and wiped clean. A set of Magnetic Phonix CVC Tiles (9cm x 9cm) comprises one for each letter of the alphabet, with extra blank tiles to customise while building simple words.

Magnetic Unifix costs pound;14.99 + VAT and Magnetic Phonix CVC Tiles cost pound;19.99 + VAT from Philip Tacey, North Way, Andover SP10 5BA.

Tel: 01264 332171


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