Major player

You really should know better! The "two major parties"? (TES, March 21, pages 8-9). In fact, you mean the "Conservative and Labour parties".

Judged by the number of elected representatives each party has in Britain today (that is MPs, MEPs and councillors) - and what better measure can there be? - the "major parties" are Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Approximate figures: Labour 11,000, Lib Dem 5,200, Conservative 4,500.

So why mention only two parties, especially as, when it comes to running local education authorities, the Liberal Democrats run far more than the Tories, and control much more local public money, too?

Please use the word "major" properly, or not at all. And please print what the second party proposes in its election education manifesto.

ROBIN PARKER 41 The Pastures Stevenage, Hertfordshire

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