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Make parents pay for exclusions

Your report that expelled pupils receive only up to 10 hours' tuition per week (TES Cymru, March 11) raises some interesting issues.

These pupils do not "miss out" on anything as they have been excluded. They should be so lucky to get attention one-to-one or in small groups.

If their parents took private tutors for any significant time each week it would cost up to pound;9,000 per year. Such pupils are privileged - first at the expense of everyone in their schools, and then of the taxpayer. Is this right?

Far from the demand being made that they should have the benefit of pupil-referral units, surely the onus for continuing their education should be put back on their parents, and with penalties for non-compliance.

This would have beneficial effects. It would compel parents and pupils to co-operate with schools, rather than treat them as dumping-grounds. If parents had to find (and pay for) a tutor as a last resort, it would bring home to them that there is no such thing as a free lunch, even in education.

Even just one or two tutors per week would probably have a more positive effect than all this failed "schooling". Some real progress might then be made, not least in the civility of the pupils.

Nigel Probert. 15b South Snowdon Wharf. Porthmadog. Gwynedd

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