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A boy with learning difficulties was knocked down and sustained brain damage when he tried to cross a road unescorted after the local authority withdrew escort services for special school pupils. It cost the authority pound;666,000 in damages. In another incident, a driver was killed trying to fold back a faulty wheelchair ramp on a school bus.

What to do to avoid such calamities is the subject of a new report from Zurich Municipal, the schools insurance specialists. 'Minibus Safety Current Issues' covers the latest regulations and advice on seatbelts, MOT checks, driver licensing, driving abroad and transporting disabled people in minibuses.

"The number of incidents, some of them fatal, is increasing," said David Forster, Zurich's marketing manager. "It is clear from the number of enquiries we receive that the legal and practical requirements can be mind-boggling."

l To order a copy of Minibus Safety Current Issues ring 01252 387709

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