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Your job and career questions answered

I am in my final year reading an honours degree in secondary mathematics with QTS. I am a mature student looking for a job in the North West. A few have come up, but the PGCE students seem to be getting all the interviews.

My tutor tells me that my application letter is good and to stick with it.

However, I can't help but feel that there must be something I can do or say in the letter to help me stand out among the PGCE students. Any advice or suggestions, please?

As one of the small number of undergraduates training to be a secondary school teacher, you should be finding schools welcoming you. I am surprised that even in the North West you are struggling to find a maths job.

Have you had a teaching practice placement recently? It is often a good idea to talk with the head of department at a school where you have done a long placement and see if he or she can suggest schools in the area where vacancies may arise.

I'm sorry that as a mature student with a commitment to the local area you have no more advantages in the jobs stakes as far as employers are concerned than new graduates who could be employed anywhere in the country.

This policy does not seem to make sense.

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