Making mincemeat of the head

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THE head of St Ninian's High in Kirkintilloch got a shock at the recent "getting results" conference (page nine). One of Tony Conroy's charges described the school's promoting positive behaviour policy as "a load of mince".

But Conroy need not have worried. Third-year pupil Erica Campbell explained that the Scottish vernacular was merely an innocent acronym to highlight the plus points of the celestially entitled policy "Reach for the Stars".

M is for motivating, I for interesting, N for nerdfree, C equals carry on and E is for encouraging.

This is exactly the sort of gung-ho attitude of high self-

esteem extolled by Andrew Cubie when he spoke to the conference. He needed a little bit of that himself after the Scottish Executive cherry-picked his committee's report on student finance.

Cubie mysteriously offered up Ian Wilmot of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute, which produced Dolly the sheep, as a positive role model for today's pupil.

A McClone prospect perhaps?

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Tes Editorial

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