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Making the most out of adversity

The "scatter-gun" approach of some projects intended to help deprived schools has been criticised. Examples of initiatives to raise standards in urban areas include: Home instruction for pre-school youngsters. (Teesside TEC) A pilot pre-school programme to develop basic skills in young children and enable parents with limited schooling to provide educational enrichment to their families.

Newspapers in Education. (Teesside TEC) Uses the newspaper as a living textbook and curriculum support for teachers as well as raising interest in reading and promoting community values through increased awareness of local issues.

Raising standards in the inner city. (Nottinghamshire) LEADFE-funded research and development project to raise the achievement of key stage 2 inner- city pupils. Using strategies of improved attendance and punctuality, parents are partners in education, behaviours and total quality management.

Raising Achievement and Participation Project. (Sheffield) A joint Sheffield-TEC initiative with work concentrated on a range of projects in schools, where there is the greatest need in terms of achievement and participation. Backed by support schemes to measure value added, promote post-16 education and training, survey attitudes, track and analyse post-16 destinations. Other projects started include basic literacy, community involvement and bilingual support.

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