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That man again;Jotter

John Cairney, retired physical education teacher, union activist and occasional TES Scotland scribe (what a polymath), is used to waiting some time for remuneration for articles - not from us, we can assure potential coontributors.

One west of Scotland publication was taking longer than usual to come up with the readies and, when approached, said payment had indeed been made. The cheque, however, was not even in his account far less in the post.

The mystery was solved when he received a letter from his thespian namesake and cousin, now resident in New Zealand, indicating that a cash sum which should have been lodged in the Parkhead Forge branch of the Bank of Scotland had somehow found its way to the antipodes.

Clearly there is confusion as to who is the John Cairney. We trust the Scottish Office Pensions Agency gets it right.

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