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Man cleared of assault faces 10 new charges

Former maths teacher will now face GTCS accused of attacks on teachers as well as pupils

Former maths teacher will now face GTCS accused of attacks on teachers as well as pupils

A former Dundee teacher, who became a local cause celebre after being cleared in court of assaulting two pupils, is to face 10 fresh assault charges, it emerged last week.

Michael Barile, a former director of Dundee United, was cleared of all assault charges against two boys following an appeal last year. But the 54-year-old is now facing new allegations of assaults on teachers and pupils, following a preliminary conduct hearing by the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

The former maths teacher is to face a full six-day disciplinary hearing later this year.

A GTCS disciplinary committee was told Mr Barile, from Dundee, telephoned Madras College teacher John Urquhart and "put him in a state of alarm", and that he shouted at another staff member, Dorothy Comber, in November 2006.

The five-man panel was also told that he behaved aggressively towards teachers Carol Scott and Kathleen Valentine between October 15, 2007 and May 2008 while working at Lawside Academy in Dundee.

The GTCS will also investigate claims that Mr Barile assaulted two pupils at Madras College between August 2006 and July 2007, and will look at fresh allegations of assault on a further five pupils at Lawside Academy between October 2007 and May 2008.

Mr Barile recently claimed the professional body was conducting a "witch hunt" against him after he tried to have the hearing cancelled because he is no longer a teacher.

But following last week's hearing, Mr Barile blamed senior management at the schools for "leaving me out to dry".

He said: "Most of these incidents were initiated by me as I reported the pupils in the first place. But it has all been turned round, and now I am the one facing the charges.

"I believe there has been collusion between some of the pupils involved.

"One of the charges says I brushed against a girl in the corridor. How many teachers brush up against pupils in a corridor in the course of a normal week? It's ludicrous.

"I believe I've been singled out because I was what you would call a `traditional' teacher, and that's why I have been identified as someone who can be easily attacked. But I am determined to fight these allegations all the way."

Mr Barile was sacked by Dundee City Council after being found guilty of assaulting two boys in 2008.

He was admonished in court over the incidents, but the guilty verdict would have remained on his record.

Appeal judges overturned the original decision from admonishment to "absolute discharge" in 2010, which meant Mr Barile could continue in his role with United For All, a charity linked to Dundee United FC.

The appeal judges found Mr Barile's actions resulted from "extreme provocation" by the two teenage boys.

Life ban follows perjury charge

A teacher who was jailed for lying about his part in a pub attack has been banned from teaching for life.

John Mann, 32, claimed he had accidentally "glassed" another customer in an Edinburgh pub in July 2005.

Mr Mann, who taught at St Aidan's High in Wishaw, was subsequently found not guilty by a jury after he said the injuries he inflicted on Mark Allison were accidental. But he was imprisoned for two years for perjury in August last year after CCTV footage later emerged, showing he had attacked his victim without provocation.

The GTCS panel took into consideration Mr Mann's previous good character and conduct but concluded the nature of the conviction was "extremely serious".

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