Man trouble

Men! Ever considered primary teaching? You can have your masculinity questioned, be suspected of paedophilia, get asked to put up shelves and take rough classes ... and then still somehow make it to headship before the women who so outnumber you.

With such confusing career prospects uncovered by researchers (see page 6) it's unsurprising we're having a hard time recruiting male primary staff. But if we don't persevere, non-female primary teachers will become even more of a rarity, damaging children's education, equal opportunities, and society in general.

Fast-track may be attracting more men, but that risks creating resentment if even more men lead - but don't teach - in primaries. The Teacher Training Agency is campaigning for more male primary recruits. This research proves it must work much harder to attract young men and to support them in training. Without them, many young children simply won't have male role models.

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