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A manager you can bank on

IN AN otherwise excellent Business Links supplement (TES, June 26) Ted Wragg showed just how out of touch he is with the real world of banking. But what would you expect from someone who admits to buying a 10-year-old Austin (has he never heard of Ford of Dagenham?).

In Green Street, east London, a thriving multicultural community, my experience of the local Midland Bank is quite different.

The manager, a thoughtful and intelligent person, is a regular visitor to this school and a governor at a neighbouring school.

He has persuaded two of his staff to visit Selwyn once a week to help children with literacy and numeracy and he chairs the local branch of Volunteer Reading Help.

For good measure, as part of the Government's headteacher mentoring scheme, the bank manager acts as my mentor and we have a lively discussion once a month about everything except money.

Ted says he has rarely been to a bank for 20 years. I'm afraid it shows.

Ciaran Clerkin. Headteacher. Selwyn primary school. London E13

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