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Marathon man

Gordon McVie, enterprise in education manager with Careers Scotland, thought that he had dreamt up the perfect title for an international competition, the "Enterprise Olympics".

Unfortunately, the group manager for "brand protection and special projects" for the Australian Olympic Committee fired off a letter to the enterprise education chief in New South Wales, calling for an end to this grave infringement of the Olympic Insignia Protection Act (as amended in 2001, of course).

The whole affair eventually found its way to the International Olympic Committee. A complaint stated: "It is not difficult to imagine that in the future, if Enterprise Olympics was to grow, they will be seeking sponsorship to fund the operation and that potential sponsorship has the ability to attract income away from the Australian Olympic team."

Now that would be enterprising. Feeling distinctly cast in the role of David against Goliath, McVie was forced to concede that this was one Olympic marathon in which he did not wish to compete.

He is now limbering up for the first "global enterprise challenge".

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