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To mark National Poetry Day: Today's five best poems about Michael Gove

To mark National Poetry Day today, we asked all the Twitter teachers of Britain to enter a competition to write a poem about our very own secretary of state Michael Gove. Using the hashtag #govetry, we were flooded with entries.

The judging process was an emotional roller-coaster featuring hours of heated debate and impassioned discussion, but we can now finally announce the winner of the first annual TES Poetry Govetry Award...




Winner (of a very lovely, much-sought-after TES mug):


I'm in love

With Michael Gove

No I'm not

It doesn't even rhyme properly.


Runners up:


If you don't know how

teachers teach and children learn

then you cannot help




A grove of Goves I do behold,

a glomly grimp of groping gloam, galoche & goad the grovelling grode,

or grump it up his grindlehole.



When Michael Gove's policies are making you glum,

just remember that time he fell on his bum



Gove's Autumn leaves fall

As changes in schools increase

What of contentment?


Efforts from members of the TES team:


In Xanadu did Gove-la Khan

create a state academy



If Gove were a school

We'd remove his head

And academise him.




If Michael Gove were a limbo dancer,

he'd raise the bar

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