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Marks out of 10 - Out Now

Tony and Susan

By Austin Wright

Atlantic Books

ISBN: 978-1848870208


Fifteen years after leaving her first husband, Susan Morrow receives a manuscript of his novel through the post. As she reads, she is drawn into the life of the fictional protagonist, until forced to confront her past and her fears for the future. A taut psychological thriller that raises questions about how we live and how our choices change our lives.

Courtiers: The Secret History of Kensington Palace

By Lucy Worsley

Faber and Faber

ISBN: 978-0571238897


George I had two Turkish servants, one to treat his haemorrhoids and the other to administer his laxatives, but they did not stoop nearly as low as some other members of the Court. This entertaining account of 18th-century shenanigans lifts the lid on a riot of murder, sexual intrigue, baby-snatching and endless card games.

Seeing Stars

By Simon Armitage

Faber and Faber

ISBN: 978-0571249909


The bizarre meets the peculiar in this collection of poems. There is the woman who drapes a curtain across the middle of her home; the cheese shop owner who finds himself in the wrong part of town; and pie-worshippers who visit a sculpture farm. A glorious collection of nonsense.

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